Integrative Medical Center

About us

The philosophy of the Integrative Medical Center is based on the maintenance of good health and not only on ad hoc disease treatment. We treat the patient as an integrated whole, while offering comprehensive and individual solutions.




Hyperthermia (oncothermia)

Local Hyperthermia is considered to be forth force against cancer according to Deutsche Krebshilfe ( german organization to fight cancer). It is a method which is widely accepted and its effectiveness has been prooved in many studies.

Ozone therapy and vitamin therapy

Both ozone therapy and vitamin therapy are integral parts of cancer treatment but also very sufficient therapies in case of chronic diseases and in preventive care.

Whole-body hyperthermia

Whole body hyperthermia is recommended for increasing muscle nutrition, eliminating chronic inflammations and stimulating immunological processes. This method of using heat is particularly recommended for treating disseminated cancer and metastasis.

General disease treatment

Cancer treatment

Each patient has individualized treatment program which include hyperthermia, ozonotherapy, vitamin suplementation, herbal medicine, nontoxic anticancer medicines as well as therapy according to Simonton and indivdual diet.

Chronic disease treatment

Due to the constantly growing number of people with chronic diseases, including allergies, asthma, endometriosis, depression, RA, MS, neurological diseases and autoimmune diseases, there is an increasing demand for a new individualised form of integrative treatment.

Female disease treatment

Every woman is a unique being and therefore for every patient we plan individual, comprehensive therapy, considering her psychological type, environmental factors, interpersonal relations, occupation, diet, free time activities, and easier life experiences.

Supporting therapies


Combination of accepted physical methods with theoretical and clinical achievements of other branches of medicine.

Eastern therapies

Ayurvedic massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Chinese cupping therapy, Moxatherapy

Psychological support

Both lifestyle and relations with the closest family and friends significantly affect our health balance. We offer holistic coaching, group psychotherapy using the Simonton method, Hellinger family constellations, etc.

Preventive care

Integrated consultations

We encourage you to participate in integrated consultations facilitating the early disease detection and the knowledge of how to take care of ourselves to enjoy good health.

Self-development workshops

We recommend you modern workshops for individuals and families wishing to live a healthy life in harmony with nature. We offer laughter therapy, yoga and work with breath, relaxation classes, culinary workshops and many other forms of development and attention to the comfort of life.

Laboratory tests and ultrasound examination

Our laboratory offers tests done according to universal standards. We do tests both for integrative consultations on therapeutic programmes as well as preventive examinations included in the panels dedicated to particular groups of patients.