Restaurant & Accommodation


Our restaurant serves breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and is a perfect place for spending time with other patients, friends, and family. Our recipes are based on principles of Ayurveda, anti-inflammatory and macrobiotic diet. Our Food and beverage are prepared from fresh organic products and home-grown herbs and spices from our garden. Our unique, delicious recipes support and enhance the healing process.
Open-plan kitchen invites everyone to watch how the food is prepared. We also organize regular cooking classes for patients and clients.

AccommodationUnique Healing Space

Pleasant, Soothing Ambiance

Harmonious living space is a very important aspect of healing hence in IMC we have taken special care to design the interior space and surrounding gardens. Cozy quiet interior encourages to stop the daily rush, which is so often the main cause of lifestyle and chronic diseases. Beautiful pictures with inspiring and thought-provoking quotes invoke reflections about what really matters in our life. Soft music harmonizes the inner milieu of the body to relax the over-strained nervous system and boost vitality.

Artistic orange glass sculptures attract special attention and create a warm impression of natural cycles: sunrises and sunsets. In the calm atmosphere of the hotel and the surrounding garden, body can draw maximum benefits from individually tailored treatment programs. The whole ambiance supports physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Complimentary services

Patients accommodated in the IMC follow individual treatment program. Each day starts with the morning detox drink and ends with evening herbal tea blend to ensure peaceful and fully restorative sleep. Our rooms offer complimentary antioxidant water – Potencjalka AOx and fresh, organic Polish apples. Our washrooms provide organic probiotic soap & toiletries for skin rejuvenation. Our guests enjoy our rich collection of books, CD’s and videos in our library.

Extra activities e.g, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, laughter yoga, qigong, and nutrition lectures are complimentary.

Yoga classes are extra paid.

The IMC Clinic offers 10 rooms for the clients and the accompanying persons. Special needs rooms are also available.

Relaxation area

Our Wellness area offers a wild range of massages and wet sauna. Beautiful surrounding garden with a meditation path encourage to have a  reflection walk  in the labyrinth and take sun bath in summer.





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