Dr. Preeti Agrawal Graduated from Leading Integrative Medicine Fellowship

TUCSON, Ariz., October 8, 2018 – Preeti Agrawal MD PhD,, a clinician at Integrative Medcial Center has graduated from the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the Center for Integrative Medicine, at the University of Arizona College of Medicine—Tucson.

Dr. Agrawal, a board certified physician has spent over 20 years serving the local community.

Preeti Agrawal joins an elite group of practitioners to have initiated studies with this internationally-recognized integrative medicine program. Launched in 1997 by integrative medicine pioneer Andrew Weil, MD, the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine is a 1,000-hour, two-year distance-learning program for physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

We’re excited to have Preeti Agrawal as a graduate of this competitive and intensive program of study,” said Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, interim director of the fellowship for the UA Center for Integrative Medicine. “She showed a deep commitment to medicine and patient care in her personal statement and application and I’m fully confident that this two-years of additional training will give Dr. Agrawal the tools to excel in integrative medicine and become a leader in the field.”  

For more information about the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, visit www.azcim.org/Fellowship.

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