Integrative infertility treatment

Infertility is a serious problem affecting a lot of modern women and men. Most of the couples coming to us with this, problem is convinced that the source of the problem is their body structure or functioning of the hormonal system. Most of these couples have undergone a lot of detailed medical examination with diagnostic results showing no physical or hormonal abnormalities.

Medical approach to fertility is focused only on the body and ignores the simple fact that the life of each person is multidimensional – physical, psychological and spiritual hence the treatment.
Integrative treatment plan addresses all 3 aspects. Good diet and supplementation support the hormonal system, brings the couple closer and the relationship is harmonized. The child born after such treatment is in much better health condition. Purely medical treatment program doesn’t provide such preparation.

For whom?

The Integrative Program of Infertility Treatment is addressed to:

  • couples ineffectively striving to have progeny,
  • couples in whom conducted medical procedures failed to bring the desired effect,
  • persons who do not wish to implement state-financed medical procedures,
  • men with abnormal results in sperm tests.
How we treat

The treatment plan is tailored after the online consultation (the couple online consultation is required separately). We highly recommend two weeks of stay in our clinic  in order to execute the treatment plan. Participation in  Detox & Rejuvenation retreat also can highly enhance the fertility outcome. The following steps should be taken in order to start the treatment.

What the patient should do to start the treatment:
  1. You and your partner are required to log-in on the page of IM-Online, fill in your e-questionnaire on your own account (each partner separately due to gender-oriented personalization of questionnaires) and fill an anamnesis related to functions of the thyroid gland and suprarenal glands (forms to be obtained here). Please attach the materials to your electronic patient’s documents account on the IM-Online web site at least two days before the planned consultation.
  1. You and your partner should subject yoursalf to preliminary diagnostic tests (or bring your results for the consultation if the tests were implemented within the last 6 months).
Laboratory tests for women:
  • blood cell count, ESR, urinalysis, blood levels of iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin D3 metabolites, magnesium, electrolytes, fasting glucose, results of liver function tests, insulin, glucose, total IgE, thyroid profile (TSH, FT4, FT3, anti-TPO, anti-TG),
  • of hormone levels in the second half of the cycle (i.e. between 18th and 21st day of the cycle in case of 28 day cycle): testosterone, androstenedione, prolactin, estradiol, progesterone; levels of LH and FSH, AMH between the first and the third day of the cycle,
  • please bring in the results of the (if they were performed), e.g. hysteroscopy, HSG, laparoscopy, USG of genital organs, cytology, cycle monitoring, post-coital test, tests for Chlamydia, Mycoplasma homini, Ureaplasma urealyticum, HPV, anti-sperm antibodies (ASA), anti-ovarian antibodies (AOA), anti-phospholipid antibodies.
Laboratory tests for men:
  • examination of sperm, blood cell count, ESR, urinalysis, Liver function testof fasting glucose, vitamin D3 metabolites, lipid profile, insulin, glucose, total IgE, the thyroid profile (TSH, FT4, FT3, anti-TPO, anti-TG),
  • levels of hormones: testosterone, androstenedione, cortisol, FSH,
  • please bring in the results of the tests (if they were performed), tests for Chlamydia, Mycoplasma homini.



preeti agrawal
Dr n. med. Preeti Agrawal
  • specialist in integrative medicine
  • Master’s degree in gynecology and obstetrics

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