We were taught that health is a condition that comes and goes in a random and capricious way. But let us view our health from a new, different perspective: it is not something that just happens; we are responsible for it. Nobody is going to gift us our health; we must nurture it consciously and constantly. Our task is to recognize as early as possible that our homeostasis is reaching its adaptive limits. We invite you to take care of your health with body massages.

Performed massages in IMC Wellness

Hasta Abhyanga and Shirodhara

Pada Abhyanga and Shirodhara

Relaxation massage

Thai massage

Lomi Lomi nui massage








Hasta Abhyanga with Shirodhara

Ayurvedic hand massage- a complex head, feet and full body massage with warm Ayurvedic herbal oils and preparations. A massage relaxes and cleanses the body and mind, improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates the internal organs, releases muscle tension, helps to remove toxins, restores harmony and vitality, relaxes and soothes. Shorodhara involves gently pouring liquids (warm oil) over the forehead. It enables to unblock energy channels (nadi), in which life energy (prana) circulates. It is especially recommended for those, who are overtired, stressed, leading a sedentary life, suffering from back pain and insomnia. The use of Ayurvedic herbal oils also stimulates the production of hormones, it is therefore recommended as a natural therapy for infertility.

Therapists: Sankar Nair


Pada Abhyanga with Shirodhara

Intense massage, performed partially by the feet (first part) and partially by the hands (second part). By pressing – vital points of the body, located at the junction of the bones, muscles and joints, the Pada Abhyanga massage warms, liberalizes and relaxes the muscles and joints, facilitates the flow of vital energy all around the body, purifies and strengthens, and restores energy balance. This massage has been applied for centuries by adepts of the South Indian Kalarippayattu martial art and to dancers of the Kathakali dance-theatre. It is especially recommended for people working with the body – dancers, athletes, martial art adepts.

Therapists: Sankar Nair

Relaxation Massage

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage – balances negative reactions to stress, relieves involuntary muscle tension, restores normal heart rhythm, proper circulation and blood pressure, and moreover helps in relieving insomnia. The masseur`s movements are calm, smooth, slow and rhythmic, gently manipulating the tissue and applying light to medium pressure of the hands to the body with the intention to soothe the soul and the body. The aim of Relaxation Massage is reduction, and over time profound relief of muscular-nervous and mental tension, and thus to promote overall relaxation and complete rest.

Therapists: Rafał Banasiak, Tomasz Biesiadecki

Thai Massage

The touch is the oldest and most direct way of communicating among people. Massage and other healing practices such as acupuncture and surgery have developed from the touch. Traditional Thai Massage called ‘nuad boran’, which uses a touch for healing purposes, goes back to Chinese medicine tradition, yoga and Ayurveda. It is a synthesis of many techniques – body compression, reflexology, work with energy channels and bloodstream, stretching and yoga, which used in this massage contribute to healing on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Regular use of Thai massage exerts a beneficial effect on health regulating the functioning of the body, stimulating our immune system and perpetuating well-being and the impression of “returning to form”. Traditional Thai Massage is primarily recommended to people with chronic fatigue and are exposed to stress or work in adverse conditions for the body or spirit.

Duration 2h or 1h (Thai partial)

Therapists: Tomasz Wolak

Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi Lomi Nui is an ancient Hawaiian massage technique. It considers the body to be a unique combination a matter, emotions, and a spirit. Its purpose is to dissolve the tension within and to energize the body.

Lomi Nui is extremely soothing. The message is largely performed with the forearms, hence the unusual feeling of a ÔÇťwrapÔÇŁ. Massage of muscle tissue and joints gradually releases blockages. Your body will relax. As consequence, you will enjoy an increase in energy and an improved circulation. You will experience a state of deep relaxation and joy. In such state, you can meet your true self and recognize your deepest needsÔÇŽ
Lomi Lomi massage is done with a warm rice oil by candlelight with relaxing music playing in the background.

Therapists: Joanna Rybacka

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