Integrative Medical Consultation

In Integrative Medical Center, we offer integrative consultations and individual treatment programs regardless of gender, age and disease entity. In our practice, we use a variety of tools and constantly updated knowledge.

Integrative medical consultation is imparted by dr Preeti Agrawal M.D. Ph.D. specialist in Integrative Medicine (University of Arizona, US). The treatment program is highly individualized and uniquely tailored to the stage of the disease and the whole team participate in achieving the treatment goals.

Types of consultation in IMC:


Integrative Cancer Treatment

Integrative Medical Consultation

Integrative Treatment of Endometriosis

Integrative Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Consultation and Surgical Operations

Integrative Infertility Treatment







What a patient should do before each consultation:
  • log in on the page of IM-Online and fill in the e-questionnaire,
  • conduct preliminary diagnostic tests and bring it to the consultation or load it to your individual account,
  • online consultation is required for all patients residing abroad in order to tailor the therapies.

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