Local Hyperthermia (Oncothermia) is an effective method which inhibits the growth of tumors Controlled overheating (42°C) of a tumor destroys the neoplastic cells. Local hyperthermia can be used with combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy as also as a single therapy.

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Local hyperthermia (Oncothermia)  Step by Step:

It is used as a single therapy or in combination with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

  • The patient is placed on a comfortable bed, divided into 21 identical fields.
  • The fields are filled with 20 segments and 1 electrode.
  • The exact location of the electrode depends on the targeted organ.
  • The second electrode is moved freely and placed on the other side of the body.
  • Electromagnetic waves are propagated between those two electrodes at the frequency of 13.56 MHz
  • Both electrodes are filled with a solution, so that they fit exactly to the body’s surface
  • This solution enables the cooling of the electrodes so that they do not burn the skin

Hyperthermia and chemotherapy

Recent reports indicate that the parallel application of hyperthermia and chemotherapy results in markedly better effects than those of chemotherapy alone. Local hyperthermia involves the warming up of tumour cells using wavelengths of a high frequency, which influences the metabolism of the cells and their surroundings. The warming up of tumour’s surroundings accompanied by chemotherapy promotes action of the immune system (e.g. leukocytes or defensive cells act more effectively after moderate pyrexia; due to hyperthermia, leukocytes gain easier access to the tumour tissue).

Hyperthermia and radiotherapy

The main aim of radiotherapy involves the production of free radicals under the effect of ionizing radiation. The free radicals damage the DNA of tumour cells. Local hyperthermia results in improved perfusion (blood flow through the tissues) and, therefore, better supply of oxygen to the area. Cells with a low supply of oxygen are around threefold more resistant to the effects of gamma rays than normal cells. Moreover, a cellular recuperative mechanism is inhibited in hyperthermia. For this reason hyperthermia is the most efficient method to support and enhance the effects radiotherapy.

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