Psychological Support

“The mind has the ultimate control over the body; therefore whether we are free from illness or not depends on our contact with our consciousness, on its balance. Balance of mind translates to balance of the body.” 

(quot. from the book Strength is Within You)

Psychological support in IMC:

Psychological support constitutes an important part of our work at IMC. We are convinced that every disease is basically psychosomatic, so limiting the intervention only to the body – even if it gives temporary improvement – usually ends with a recurrence in the previous or a new form.

We performed:

Integrative Psychotherapy

Family Constellations (Bert Hellinger)

Simonton Therapy (Psychooncology)







Integrative Psychotherapy

Innovative work with people using various tools and knowledge available in medicine and psychology. It combines the effectiveness of system therapy tools, hypnotherapy, coaching, cognitive-behavioral psychology, NLP, provocative therapy  and many other systems, creating a goal-oriented whole and insight into yourself.  Sessions are based on awakening the inner healer.  The client is the person who solves the problem and gains awareness about his resources.

Therapist: Akanksha Urbanowicz, Anna Staszek

Family constellations (Bert Hellinger’s)

The systemic therapy by Bert Hellinger provides insight into the deep, systemic causes of disease. Problems in our personal life, family and work often have their source experiences of ancestors, sometimes many generations back. Ignorance of these relationships means that we are completely powerless against failures and diseases.

Discovering and understanding the causes gives you the opportunity to turn towards solution and healing. Settings are carried out in individual session mode. We also invite you to the weekend workshops.

Therapist: Anna Staszek, Alicja Buczak- Zapart

Simonton Therapy (Psychooncology)

Simonton Therapy is based on the tools offered by cognitive-behavioral therapy and is based on Max C. Maultsby’s Rational Behavior Therapy (RTZ). Sessions were proposed for people who want to survive cancer, actively participating in the treatment process – taking responsibility for their recovery, and for their relatives. The use of this program, as a supplement to conventional treatment, improved quality of life.

Therapist: Anna Jelenik

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