Ayurvedic Regeneration Program

In Ayurveda, health is a state of balance between body, spirit and mind-  and disease causes the disturbance. One of the Ayurvedic modality that supports the healing process is a message, which also affects the mind and soul through physical stimulation of the body.
Ayurvedic detox (panchakarma) consists of snehan (oil massage) and swedana (sweating). Oil massages help to excrete toxins out of our body,  releases stress through relaxation of surface and deep tissues. Swedane is used immediately after the message in a  steam sauna to intensify the process of detoxication through the skin. During the stay we use personalized ayurvedic nutrition, yoga, pranyamam, meditation and mindfulness.

Online medical consultation with our team consisting of doctor and ayurvedic massage therapists is required to take part in the program.

For whom:

  • people who want to strengthen their immune systems
  • stressful and exhausted people
  • for those who prepare for conception

Ayurvedic Regeneration Program Includes:
  • Accommodation (recommended time of staying is 2 weeks)
  • Personalized ayurvedic diet
  • Bioscan examination,
  • Ayurvedic massages such as Hasta Abhyanha, Shirodhara, Pada Abhyanga, Udvarthanam
  • Group activities (yoga, qigong, laughter therapy, breathing work, mindfulness)

Program is scheduled after medical consultation with specialist in integrative medicine and with colaboration with ayurvedic massage specialist

The price is set individually after medical consultation depending on the recommended treatments and length of stay


We offer single or double rooms in harmonious living space. Our cozy and quiet interior encourages to stop the daily rush. For inquiries and reservations, please contact us.


Integrative Medical consultation is necessary to take part in the program. You should log in on the page of IM-Online and should fill in the e-questionnaire.

Terms, Conditions & Cancellation policy

  • 100% deposit is required to confirm your booking.
  • Booking request will be held for 3 days util advance payment is processed.
  • 20% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel 30 days before arival date.
  • 100% of your total package price amount will be charged as retention if you cancel after 30 days prior to the arival date.
  • Program starts on Monday morning. There is also a possibility to check in on Sunday.  Please confirm your arrival time before your stay.
  • Check in time starts at 2 PM. Check out at 12 PM.

Registration for the program step by step

  1. Create an online account
  2. Register for a medical consultation.
  3. Online consultation is required for all patients residing abroad in order to tailor the therapies.
  4. Before consultation fill in an questionaire at IMC online
  5. During the consultation you will be proposed a treatment plan.
  6. After the consultation you will be proposed the estimated price.
  7. Make a reservation in our hotel and inform us about arival dates.