MindfulnessAttention training – mindfulness

The main purpose of practicing mindfulness is the process of getting to know and accepting yourself as you are.

In each of us there is a source of inner peace and happiness – no matter how scattered and overwhelmed we feel inside. This deep inner harmony is part of our nature. Sometimes we lose sight of it by getting too involved in our daily routine, and sometimes we stop for a while with a feeling that we loose about something important.

The practice of mindfulness is a way to be here and now.

Using simple but subtle methods, we practice our mind to experience the freshness of every moment we live.

Focusing on breathing allows us to see how thoughts appear and disappear. We begin to be aware of the thinking patterns before they start to intensify and ‘turn like a spiral’. There is a feeling that thoughts and emotions are just passing, you start to realize that your thoughts are not yours. And finally, you have the choice of whether to follow your thoughts blindly or become aware of the thinking process.

Research has shown that regular practice of mindfulness reduces the intensity of experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and irritability. It also affects memory, response time to stimuli and mental or physical endurance. It helps to endure chronic pain, weakens addictions, improves the functioning of the immune system and has an impact on lowering the blood pressure.

We invite you to take part in an hour-long meeting where we will practice our attention, share our experiences and learn new methods, that will allow us to live a full-fledged life.

Mindfulness is simply training of the mind.

  • You do not have to sit in a cross-legged posture, you can sit on a chair.
  • It does not take much time, although a bit of patience is necessary.
  • It’s not complicated.
  • You don’t need to renounce anything.
  • After you get familiar with the methods, you can practice them anytime and anywhere.

Attention helps us to discover this deep and compassionate consciousness, which guides us into conscious actions and allows us to find an optimal way in life.

Facilitated by: Tomasz Wolak
Cost: free of charge for clients of IMC and IMC Wellness

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