Qigong (read: Cikung/czikung)) is a popular set of practices developed in China that focuses on the proper flow of energy called qi in our body (read: ci/czi).

The ancient Chinese medicine and philosophy treats human as a part of the universe, from which it receives qi (energy) in every moment of its life. Qi accumulates in specific reservoirs of the human body and circulates through channels (meridians) that constitute a dense network within the body. As long as the flow of energy is intact, the person is healthy, but once the circulation of qi is obstructed, bodily functions become impaired. In order to heal, it is necessary to restore flow of qi.

Qigong classes are addressed to people with various illnesses and ailments, in different physical, mental and emotional states, and also to those who think about prevention and maintenance of good health regardless of age, sex or religion. It is also offered to people interested in self-growth and self-development. These activities are perfect for people who live a stressful life. Gentle movements of the Flying Crane Style, developed on the foundation of Chinese medicine, allow relaxation of the whole body and release of body tensions. They create harmony between the body and the mind. During the classes, the Flying Crane Style is performed, as well as additional exercises, which promote relaxation. All classes end with self-massage and/or meditation.

After the class you may feel rejuvenated and calm. Improvement of the quality of the sleep, immunity, mobility, as well as release of the body’s tension can be experienced. Qigong can help in improvement of motor coordination and body balance. Most of the activities are performed in a standing posture and consist of three parts. The introduction includes exercises that allows us to track body sensations, relax and calm our mind. The main part consists of a set of postures arranged in a specific sequence of movements. It allows opening and unblocking the body, as well as improving our vitality. Exercises performed at the end soothe and balance body and mind.

Facilitated by Marcin Mękarski
Duration 1 h
Cost: free of charge for clients of IMC and IMC Wellness

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