Yoga & Pranayama


MONDAY:   Iyengar’s Yoga 17:30- 18;45 (for everyone)

TUESDAY:  Iyengar’s Yoga 17: 00-18: 15 – combined classes, for beginners and advanced (min. One year internship at classes in IMC)

WEDNESDAY: Yoga Flow/Yin: Wednesday 18.00-19.00 (for everyone)

THURSDAY:  Iyengar’s Yoga 9:00-10:15 (for everyone)

THURSDAY: Somayoga 18:00 – 19:30 (for everyone)


Yoga is one of India’s holistic systems that explores the relationship between the body and the mind. Through appropriate body training, mental discipline (meditation) and ethical behavior, yoga allows the practitioner to recognize the nature of the reality.
In order to remove the burden associated with intensive practice (e.g. long meditation), one of its branches, called hatha-yoga, has developed significantly in the western world and is characterized by a set of physical and mental exercises, practiced mainly for health reasons.

The method developed by B. K. S. Iyengar is distinguished by its exceptional precision. Each part of the body is responsible for a specific action. The body is used as a tool for raising awareness and calming the mind.
The practice begins with getting to the right posture (asana) and maintaining it for an appropriate period of time. Practicioners constantly push their limits and, by overcoming them they progress and achieve therapeutic effects.
A unique feature of Iyengar’s yoga is the use of several aids: blankets, ropes, cubes, belts. They make it possible to experience the beneficial effect of asanas on people with severe individual limitations. Carefully developed positions treat various ailments, leading the practitioner to full health.
The classes are tailored to the abilities of the participants and conducted in an individual way. We perform asanas and exercises in a way that is convenient for people with physical disabilities and pregnant women. Properly selected exercises help to relieve the body and regenerate the mind. It is a wonderful opportunity to rest and regenerate after a busy day.

Facilitated by: Aneta Magda,

Cost: 35 PLN for individual classes (8 entries, 240 PLN, valid for 2 months)

Yoga Flow/Yin classes are conducted with particular emphasis on learning how to raise awareness of one’s own body – paying attention to sensations occurring in the body in individual positions, taking into account the smooth and conscious transition between asanas. The goal is to understand your own body, its conditions, boundaries and needs. Each body is different, has different possibilities and ranges of motion saved in it, that’s why the positions are individually adapted to everyone in the group. In addition, the practice works anti-stress and is always ended with relaxation.

Facilitated by: Olga Klamut,

Cost: 30 zł (karnet 4 wejścia 100 zł, karnet 12 wejść 250 zł)
Duration: 90 min

Somajoga consists of simple executable exercises for everyone, with maximum attention and respect for body restrictions. This is a mild practice. It consists of a series of positions and physical and mental exercises combined with breath. Systematic somayog practice causes reversal of functional changes caused by the passage of years and visible rejuvenation of the figure and psyche. Strengthening and stretching exercises give youthful grace of movements, shape a harmonious figure and relieve pain associated with prolonged sitting position or heavy physical work. They divert time. Hence, it is called the yoga of eternal youth. In class, we also train our face, neck and eyes.

Learning and practicing different breathing techniques will allow you to consciously use your breath to calm your mind, increase concentration, and in body aspects, relax or show the impact on our voice and energy flow. In class, we will experience the welfare of change, also focusing on being “here and now.” We will explore the art of focusing attention on signals coming from within us and from the outside world during relaxation, meditation or practicing mindfulness.

The simplicity and effectiveness of the somayog method, which is experienced during classes, encourages systematic practice, and comfort in the body and emotions becomes everyday life. Practicing is a pleasure.

Facilitated by: Teresa Ordzik

Duration: 90 min
Cost: PLN 40 (4 entries ticket PLN 120)

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